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Zco Corporation

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Zco is one of the world's largest mobile app development companies. Our powerhouse team of app developers offer services for mobile apps, games, 3D animation and more. Contact us today for a free cost estimate: 603-881-9200.


Review 1
  • How did you find out about this company?
    I did research on development companies to develop an app for me and after speaking with several companies I was comfortable speaking with Don Austin who had the same visions that I had. I believed that ZCO was the company I wanted to work with.

  • Did you have some documents like wireframes ready or you just had an idea when you approached this company?
    I had a board game with drawings on pertaining to roads, buildings, a park, a spin card and spaces for a player to move each time he spun the card.

  • How was the first few interaction with this company, did you find anything interesting in first few interactions that helped you decided on hiring this company?
    My first phone conversation with ZCO I explained my board game to Don & David, they were interested and excited to acquire the development of Street Smart.

  • How did the process look like? How often were you interacting with company representatives?
    I was impressed at the design of the board, the bright colors, the sound effects. Throughout the process Don was quick with responses to any question that was given and Katie was attentive in helping with the set up of Google \ apple.

  • How involved were you in the whole process? How did company tackle changing requirements or budgets?
    100% involvement throughout the development of the game. I was very comfortable with the transition of the game and the budget was set from the beginning with only one budget change because of an add on that I wanted.

  • In terms of timeline, how frequently were the milestones delivered? Were you happy with the timeline of the deliverables?
    The process of the development of the app was delivered in a timely fashion. The whole process went smoothly and I am looking forward to working with ZCO again.

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2016 Top Android Development Companies
2015 Top Boston App Developers
2015 Best Mobile App Development Companies in USA
2014 Top Mobile App Development Companies in USA

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Code, Full App, Design


As a global manufacturer of products providing voice, data and security solutions that optimize, store and secure technology equipment, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) supports a large number of IT and telecommunications professionals worldwide. CPI released an app with four complete technology infrastructure design tools to make identifying and selecting the products their customers need quick and easy.

The CPI Mobile App Suite includes a Cable Fill Calculator, Cabinet Selector, eConnect Power Distribution Unit Selector, and Bill of Material creator that automatically generates a BOM based on cable run specifications. The results can be emailed to customers, tech support, or distributors for ordering or verification.

Insane Eagles Featured in the Appstore

Delivered: Aug 2015

Supported Platform: iPhone, Android, iPad,

Flying a majestic eagle through abandoned cities sounds fun already. What if you add jetpacks, missiles, and armor? How about coins and small prey animals to collect? Then you get Insane Eagles.

Using both tilt and touch controls, Insane Eagles immerses players in a world where they rule both the skies and the streets. Users can upgrade their equipment and compete with players all around the world as they speed through multiple environments.

Get GiGi and instantly get the power to keep in touch via text, send pictures, videos, and emails, all without worrying about your conversations being compromised, stolen, or simply viewed without your permission.

The Idea
As one might expect, the original idea for Meeting Mapper came to its creator during a meeting he was attending.

The Solution
The design process began before Davis ever thought of making an app. It started with him placing business cards in front of him corresponding to all the people attending the meeting. This was helpful, but wasn’t a very dynamic way to represent the shifting opinions of all the stakeholders in the room.

Sales Results
“Every time somebody sees me, they ask, what is that?” he said. He tells them that the app enables him to export all his meeting notes as a PDF, and that he can analyze information he generates in one meeting or multiple meetings. “No one else is doing analytics on meetings,” .

This branded application was created to allow consumers a mobile solution to ordering and tracking orders of flexographic products.

This mobile game requires you to protect your food from pesky rodents and bring it home to your family.

bridged Featured on Google Playstore

Delivered: July 2015

Supported Platform: Android,

Your phone already knows who you call and text. Shouldn't it remind you to keep in touch every now and then?

With bridged, it will. Set reminders for weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually - or even make certain contacts exempt. The app prompts you to establish reminders for seven contacts per day until you're all done, and makes it easy to "dust" - delete - contacts you don't need or want anymore.