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    Darien, Connecticut

Industry leading Mobile App Development Firm specializing in iOS, Android and Windows mobile platform. A collection of Graphic artists, Programmers and Marketing Professionals servicing clients across US and Canada. We strive for our clients success. Experts at creating back end database and API programming. Dynamic app designs with live content management access allowing clients to modify content to keep their apps current. No project too complex for us.

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Tracpipe Counterstrike by Omegaflex Featured in the Appstore

Delivered: May 2016

Supported Platform: Android, iPhone,

App allows a reference to check gas pressures for an engineering company.

Allows to dynamically look up sales people located in the USA and Canada.

Has reference videos for how to do the product install, in English, Spanish and French.

Has product pricing guides that dynamically load, so customers can check the latest product prices.

This App allows the user to size the TracPipe® Flexible Gas Piping products, to either the Longest Run or Branch length method of gas pipe sizing. Whether the installation is in TracPipe, PS-II or TracPipe CounterStrike® the App displays the appropriate size of piping for a given capacity depending on the type of gas, supply pressure and allowable pressure drop selected by the user. By selecting the design parameters using easy drop down menus the user then chooses the length of pipe and tubing size, on the easy to read calculator wheel, to find the capacity capable of being delivered by any of the seven sizes offered by TracPipe.

Custom Colonial Painting

Delivered: July 2016

Supported Platform: Android, iPhone,

Custom Colonial Painting's free app allows you to receive a Residential or Commercial, exterior painting quote on YOUR own schedule.

Within the app, you will take pictures of all sides of your home, and answer a few painting based questions. And within 24hrs, you will have a painting quote. But if you prefer, email or call to schedule an At Home Visit.

Custom Colonial Painting, est. 1999, has been a leader in the industry in Quality, Customer Service, and Value for your Money.

- No more strangers coming to your house
- No more waiting around for contractors
- No more barrage of contractor phone calls, all hours of the day from website leads
- Get a quote on YOUR schedule
- Meet the owner via Video
- View the Painting Process via video
- View past Customer Reviews
- View a list of Services performed
- View Insurance Limits
- View Photo Gallery of prior jobs
- Get a Quote in 24hrs

Brushing with the Tooth Fairy Featured in the Appstore

Delivered: Mar 2016

Supported Platform: Android, iPhone,

Helps parents promote proper brushing techniques and good oral health habits for their children.
The tooth fairy teaches by demonstrating how to brush step by step in a sequence lasting two minutes.
Children imitate the tooth fairy as they follow along, building good habits. “It’s fun, let’s do it together.”
It also has a flexible reminder feature for morning and bed time brushing.

AddU Featured in the Appstore

Delivered: Nov 2016

Really smart social networking app.

App generates a QR code so users can easily share their profiles.
All the major social networks are consolidated to one place so when you scan a profile, you see the activity on the major social networks...

AddU is the newest innovation in all branches of social media. With AddU, you can receive the phone number and social media links of everyone you meet, simply with the touch of a button. Whether you are hitting it off at the bar, socializing at a party, meeting new classmates on the first day of school, or networking with others at a conference,

Hairchitect Featured in the Appstore

Delivered: Oct 2016

Supported Platform: iPad, iPhone,

The new industry standard teaching tool to teach barbers and hair stylists world wide the craft of hair styling.

This tool is gaining acceptance among the top hair salon schools as the key tool to learning the art of hair styling.

Soon to release an Android version of this.

Quartus Technology proud to be part of this industry, offering this teaching application we expect to be used by tens of thousands of students world wide.

One Red Chip Featured in the Appstore

Delivered: May 2016

Supported Platform: iPhone,

This app has multiple patents on its technology. It is the only app that protects the casino gambler and helps the casual gambler keep his or her money and leave the casino with more winnings and smaller losses.

Casino players everywhere now have a proven way to keep their money and protect themselves from loosing everything.

An easy to use, feature rich system that casino gamblers have come to trust as their "guardian angel". The app lets you know when to stop playing.

This is a flagship product created by Quartus Technology.