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QArea is one of Eastern Europe’s leading software outsourcing providers. We support customers with a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions and are proud of the vast experience, skills, and certifications our software developers and testers possess. We were founded back in 2001, and have experienced tremendous growth ever since. QArea has encountered numerous complex projects throughout these years, and our teams have managed to satisfy even the strictest customers like AOL, Skype, eBay, Microsoft, Distractify, and the Huffington Post, along with many others, thus proving ourselves as a reliable and recognized offshore software development company with more than 280 experts on staff.


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REQUIREMENTS Implementation of as stable, reliable CRM (customer relationship manager) mobile client that is, besides all expandable and, most importantly, it has to be easy tunable. SOLUTIONS Few easy steps that have proven to be the most convenient and user-friendly application workflow. Accumulating the required number of stamps allows users to claim their loyalty-program reward from the retail outlet. Once this is done, users get a fresh slate to accumulate more stamps. As a handy addition the application is supported with a map feature, showing users all the nearby locations of retail outlets that are accepting loyalty cards. RESULT Ever since launched in October, 2011 Perx applications have proven to be Singapore’s leading mobile loyalty platform. The amount of users satisfied with application’s convenience and appearance extend 200.000 which is to be just the thing to be expected from a number 1 app in its domain, right?

$ 50000 to 200000


Android, iPad, iPhone



Distractify is a leading entertainment company in the mobile era. This fascinating portal follows the trend (among Buzzfeed and Upworthy) for inspiring, funny and eye-catching post titles, often in list form, with video, image and GIF-heavy content. We are most happy QArea had a chance to assist them and here’s what we did for Distractify: Development Integrating Service-oriented architecture. Android API IOS API

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post portal was launched May 9, 2005 and very soon it became extremely popular. While one reason of the apparent success of this portal is that their contributors are popular journalists and well-known personalities from politics, business, and entertainment, the other reason is that the development team has been able to provide a technical solution that was up to the challenge.



The Beakun project is a website and mobile applications for Android and iOS that were designed as a tool connecting various businesses with their customers in a simple yet classy manner. This projects main objective was in establishing a marketing portal in which the system itself communicates with both the users and the businesses. The system considers accurate current time and date and uses such data to display business events that are of current interest on a map within a selected location.



The task was to develop a social media aggregator that allows to create user accounts, to connect different social media accounts and conveniently manage the information from them on one single platform. We were also to develop a fitting iOS app that was requited to allow creation of a dynamic feed of messages from social networks with a few touches.

Givelify Mobile Giving App

Givelify Mobile Giving App

Use the Givelify mobile giving app for charity donations and church giving in as few as three taps. Donate during nonprofit fundraising events, make church tithes and offerings, or while traveling.

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