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As a leading software & mobile app development agency, we continuously monitor the latest trends to anticipate future technological growth. Our team of senior programmers, engineers, app developers, digital marketers, and graphic designers have years of experience creating industry-leading mobile apps and custom solutions.

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Fantasy Immortals

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone,

For nearly two decades, the popularity of fantasy sports has been on the upswing. Our client’s goal was to develop a mobile game that could answer this burning question: “How would modern-day athletes stack-up against the greats of previous generations?”

We helped Fantasy Immortals answer that question by collaborating on the concept, design, and development of a mobile fantasy sports game that allows users to draft the best players of both today and yesterday. Our team of developers designed both iOS and Android apps with a definitive scoreboard determining statistics based on real player box scores from games which range across decades in the history of professional football, basketball and baseball.

Fruit PestFinder- Pests of Fruit Crops in the Western US

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone,

Fruit PestFinder is a free mobile reference tool funded by Utah State University that helps commercial farmers, researchers, and agricultural enthusiasts identify and treat insects and diseases on their backyard fruit trees or orchards.

Our services included concepting, designing the UI, app and database development, and creation of a CMS to host the university’s expanding fruit-growing research.

Listen WiFi

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone,

ListenWiFi is the premier audio streaming solution for multi-screen, video wall, or multi-video image applications. Our client services small to enterprise level businesses in the public and private sectors including, gyms, offices, stadiums and more providing up to 48 channels of audio.

As an approved strategic partner for over four years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on various proprietary software development and programming projects. We function as an extension of Listen Technologies internal engineering team and are proud to help our client deliver premier audio solutions to their customers.

MAd Reach

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Websites,

MAd Reach™ is a patent-pending location-based mobile advertising solution that helps small to mid-sized merchants “Drive Foot Traffic When It Matters Most.” We created the MAd Reach™ platform to help businesses take full-control of their digital advertising.

We developed the MAd Reach™ advertising platform for iOS and Android. Our services included strategic planning, identifying consumer and merchant insights, app development, database development, digital design and digital content development, cloud services, and creation of a secure hosting environment capable of handling massive data requirements. Working alongside our strategic partners, we currently manage the MAd Reach launch marketing plan, sales, operations, merchant services and are responsible for results measurement.

Pilot Aware

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Websites,

Pilot Aware is an awareness and communication tool used by pilots, instructors, site managers, airport control and BASE rigs. The application allows pilots to send constructive, pre-scripted messages to help their comrades fly safely.

Pilot Aware was looking for a software development partner that could create a precise mobile safety communication tool that pilots could trust. We assisted our client with the creation of the Pilot Aware iOS & Android app from conception to UI design, development, and testing. We used the latest GPS tracking technology to maintain location services in high-pressure situations and created an efficient two-step drop down, allowing the flight community to quickly access critical information while conserving battery life. Additionally, we provided database and hosting services for the app.


Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Websites,

RackSite is the only global online network dedicated to connecting hunters worldwide and fostering an active online hunting community.

Our team helped RackSite develop iOS & Android applications with a UI optimized for constant interaction. The app’s functionality includes an elaborate chat mechanism designed to drive user engagement. We also built a custom website and assisted with the creation of RackSite’s ecommerce strategy.

The biggest challenge of the project was creating a hosting infrastructure for the massive amount of data compiled by the platform’s vast user base. We were able to provide a sophisticated cost-effective hosting infrastructure, allowing our client to play in the same league as the top social media applications, due to our state-of-the-art hosting environments.

Remedy Delivery Services

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile Websites,

Remedy Delivery Services is the largest medical cannabis delivery service in the state of California. They provide high-quality medical cannabis to their patients in a safe, discreet and timely manner. Unfortunately, many of Remedy’s patients are homebound and live in outlying communities. Traveling to fill their prescriptions can be cumbersome and painful.

We were brought onboard as a strategic partner with the goal of streamlining the ordering process by designing a responsive website & app for iOS and Android. Additionally, our partnership included strategic consulting, assistance with the creation of the ecommerce strategy, and ongoing hosting & cloud backup services.

Speech Racer

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone,

Speech Racer is a speech therapy application designed as a reinforcement tool for children and youth who struggle to pronounce the /r/ sound.

Our partnership with Speech Racer included the development of two custom iOS apps, a paid and a lite version, with unique functionality requirements. We also modified and improved upon their pre-existing /r/ sound algorithms, written in the C programming language, ultimately improving the apps’ usability.

Huck It: Freeride Skiing 3D

Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone,

The Huck It™ mobile game is the first ultra-realistic 3D mobile ski game featuring both Race and Freeride modes. Huck It™ was developed for ski lovers who want to experience the thrill-seeking adventure of mastering the best snow on earth.

Development of Huck It™ for iOS and Android included strategic planning, UI design, game flow, and developing the launch marketing strategy. We were involved in every step of the process, from concepting and designing the game mechanics, creating the social media plan, and enacting app store optimization (ASO) to gain downloads.


Supported Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone,

Use your iPhone or iPad to automatically discover and configure Luxul Access Points and Routers in minutes. Luxul is designed specifically for use by installers of Luxul Access Points to simplify the wireless installation process