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What makes Eight Bit unique is our enthusiasm and curiosity for your organization and goals. We bring a lot of energy to every partnership, immersing ourselves in discovery and research to create the vision, strategy and custom quality solution that aligns with the desired outcomes.

— Expertise throughout and post-launch.
— Balanced leadership across UX, Design, and Development.
— All in-house team, all-in for your product.
— Team talent, trust and chemistry.

From the first sketch to the last line of code, Eight Bit turns ambiguity into businesses, brands and products. This requires an orchestrated effort involving many different skills and disciplines working together towards a common vision.

Our team is all in-house and all-in for your product. Our hardworking and skilled UX Strategists, Digital Product Designers, Developers, Product + Project Managers, and QA Analysts care about delivering great work that we can all take pride in.


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Put your load management on cruise control with EchoDrive. Search Echo’s available loads board, view load details in one place, and upload documents directly into the app. EchoDrive places everything you need at your fingertips.

Our easy-to-use app provides drivers with:
a. Echo available loads board
b. Quick, simple, real-time tracking, resulting in fewer check-in calls
c. Load info collected in one place
d. Document upload capabilities
e. Privacy Control Options
f. Ability to view completed, active, and upcoming loads

EchoDrive is a driver app designed by Echo Global Logistics to be convenient, efficient, and—most importantly—easy to use. Our goal is to make our carrier partners’ jobs easier, and the time you save using our app is time you can spend back on the road.



EdNavigator helps families and students find a path to success in school and beyond by connecting them to expert Navigators who provide ongoing, personalized educational support. Navigators are veteran teachers, principals, counselors, and other education professionals. They help families with a wide range of challenges, from choosing schools and interpreting report cards to planning for college.

Android, iPhone



Bias-free brainstorms. Candor is designed to allow you to quickly collect and organize the independent ideas generated by your brainstorming team.

Research shows that collecting ideas privately before group discussion produces far more diverse ideas and leads to better solutions than the typical approach to brainstorming. The key to successful brainstorming is to first have people generate ideas privately before discussing them in a group. Candor removes idea bias by collecting ideas autonomously, allowing individuals to submit ideas before being influenced by each other.

• Create unlimited number of brainstorms
• Invite users to participate through simple share codes
• Open it to participants
• Make submissions anonymous
• Control whether participants can see submissions
• Receive notifications when new cards have been submitted



GrowIt! engages the next generation of gardeners, while allowing experts and aficionados to share their knowledge.

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