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ConsultingWhiz Leading software solution Provider Company in USA, with experience working with Startups to Fortune 500 companies, our clients appreciates our competitive edge to offer consultation and support every step of the way.

We have developed apps that have changes the industry, that got funded and ended up becoming household names and we can offer you the same. We are an industry expert and would like to offer you FREE advice and consultation on your projects. Do not hesitate to schedule a FREE strategy session or give us a ring as we are a phone call and email away to discuss your ideas.

Our team will make sure to provide the best software development services that help your business grow. At, ConsultingWhiz You will find the best IT support services at a highly affordable cost.

• Website Development Services
• Custom Software Development
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• Mobile App Development
• ERP Software Development
• Blockchain and AI
• Growth Hacking Services

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Employee Time Tracking App Development

Employee Time Tracking App Development

PCR is an Employee Time Tracking mobile application supported on iOS and Android phones. A company manager invites employees to the company team. When employees accept the invitation, they can start tracking time. Every employee uses the mobile application with a Time Tracking option on a daily basis during their work hours.

$ 1500 to 2000

aug  2019

Android, iPad, iPhone

Physiology App Development

Physiology App Development

Psych APP is an android application, useful to get the detailed overview of latest news, literature and feeds related to psychological domain.
The goal is to give users access to levels of information at increasing detail for news / personal content that may have multiple tags: “aggression”,“prejudice”, “media influence”, etc. Basically three levels of connection between psychology content and news / user-created content (facebook, blog, etc.).

$ 2500 to 5000

jan  2020

Android, iPad, iPhone

Home Buying App Development

Home Buying App Development

Get Your Nest is an online platform which makes Buying a Home Simple & Affordable. The streamlined platform provides the tools and guidance, Buyer needs to take control of search for the perfect home. It empowers users to make decisions quickly, and gives a competitive advantage over other buyers in the market. Main project flow is crystal clear and easy to navigate: Shop, Inquire, Visit, Offer, Save & Close.

$ 2000 to 3000

mar  2020

Android, iPad, iPhone

Fitness App Development

Fitness App Development

Fitness360 Gym application is build with React Native to support both iOS and Android.
User needs to make registration to use all the premium features for the application like: Feeds, Add meal, check the Diet plans available, workout details, History of attended classes, schedule of upcoming classes, etc.
There is also a great feature available to get Progress report for enhancement. User can select any membership plan, search nearby Gyms and get timely notifications about all the process, updates, activities.

$ 1500 to 4000

dec  2019

Android, iPhone

Quiz Contest App Development

Quiz Contest App Development

GLW is an app that will assist you in answering that million dollar question that everyone wants to know. Is that Guy or Girl that I see right now, in real life, real time, single? By downloading the app, each new subscriber will create their personal profile.

You’ll be allowed 7 pictures including your main picture which is your profile pic. Your profile will also consist of the following: - Name - Favorite Food - Top 5 Artist - Sports Fan: Yes or No? - Turn OFF (What turns you off) Occupation.

You will then be able to find other GLW users or a person of interest (within a 1 Mile radius).

$ 3000 to 5000

july  2019

Android, iPhone

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