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Through research, design, and engineering, we create software that connects your users to the information they need. We are experts in developing complex software that typically has a need to integrate with other systems, like hardware and firmware, or different APIs and complex datasets. Whether you need a mobile app that connects to hardware, or a web app that connects to complex APIs - our team has deep experience in making it all work together.


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ArthroPlan – Medical Web Application

ArthroPlan – Medical Web Application

Arthromeda is making hip replacement surgery easier. AndPlus helped create a web application to allow physicians to purchase and use cloud based digital templating software to improve the precision of surgical components. This medical application was required to be HIPAA compliant and pass FDA standards.

Medica – Medical Device Touchscreen Controls

 Medica – Medical Device Touchscreen Controls

Medica manufactures a leading blood gas analyzer for medical testing laboratories. An outdated control panel added complexity to operating the device. AndPlus created a “mobile app like” user experience by integrating a customer tablet into the device hardware.

BACnet Mounted Android Tablet App - Phoenix Controls

BACnet Mounted Android Tablet App - Phoenix Controls

Phoenix Controls is the world leader in precision air flow systems for critical applications. However, an “old” control interface was beginning to hurt sales. Phoenix needed a “modern, mobile app like” UI. AndPlus created a custom Android app on a dedicated, wall mount tablet leveraging BACnet and RS484 protocols.

Bloomberg Vault - File Analytics

Bloomberg Vault - File Analytics

Bloomberg is a leader in the financial services information space. They developed and launched a sophisticated information tool to help major banks with risk management. AndPlus designed an intuitive web application that drives the sophisticated system engine.

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