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Following are some of the latest blogs and articles that we have dug-up to help you to stay au courant(excuse my french) with regular app-industry developments and invaluable tricks:


Why are travel apps a Rage?

As a customer, we often prefer a website of any travel company rather than downloading the app. But, in this article written by Hassan Mansoor, the advantages of using travel apps are described. Some of the features of a travel app are really helpful, like personalisation or take an example of Airbnb app, it presents us with so many cool and exciting features, which websites do not provide.

Here’s why you should build an app for your business!

With the increasing use of smartphones, app industry has largely progressed and it has become one of the major ways to improve one’s business. Sabeer Shaikh in his blog has listed many practical and valid reasons as to why not only big businesses, but also small and medium-sized businesses should invest in the app development industry and have an app built for themselves.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Aaron Phillips in his article has in detail described an estimate of app development costs. Different genres of apps cost differently and different developers charge differently. For example, an app development company and freelancer, for very obvious reasons cost differently. This article sure is helpful for people who want have an idea of how much would it cost to build an app.

Why do retailers need mobile apps?

Taking examples of Dominos, Starbucks and many other retailers and comparing them with those have seen a downfall, it is quite clear that custom apps helped in accruing their stats. In this short article by Justina Perro, with the help of actual stats it is proved that retailers need mobile apps for their businesses.


Strategies for success of your App.

In the ever growing market of applications, this post written by Harnil Oza is very useful as it states a few important steps to take for the success of an app. Certain key points are described which ensure that the app flourishes and completes its purpose. The basics of a good app and it’s proper marketing is also discussed.

Mobile App Myths which can cause you harm!

Bill Wilson in his blog has listed the top 5 mobile app myths which developers usually believe and the harm those myths can cause to their products. With valid reasons and proper description all these myths have been proved wrong and the developers are strongly suggested to beware of them and not to believe in them.

Ways to Increase your Audience.

The steps mentioned in the blog written by Diksha Sahni are very practical and will for sure help to attract millions of people for your apps. From being unique to exploiting artificial intelligence for your app, all the creative and efficient tricks are mentioned. Knowing your apps’ strengths and weaknesses and working to eliminate them should be one of the key tasks for improvement and increment of audience.

Development of more and more Custom Mobile Apps.

It’s no secret that the mobile app industry has boomed in the last few years. As a result, a lot of enterprises are building their own custom mobile apps. Not only this, but recently it is also noticed that various apps support AI, wearable devices and other interesting platforms. In this blog by Lucas Mearian, all of the stats and reasons for the uproar of the App Industry are systematically described.

The most-wanted features of any App:

Success of your app depends on many different factors, but to keep users engaged in the app requires a basic understanding of what the user expects of the app and satisfying his few requisites. Gabriel Shaoolian in his article has stated major points to keep in my while designing and developing an app to ensure it’s success.

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