2017 Top IT challenges for SMBs

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A walk through the world of Mobility Issues

Enterprise mobility came as a boon for workers who were depending upon BYOD and company-issued laptops and PCs for doing personal as well as professional activities. The remote access to the organizational data from anywhere at any given time from any device may have increased the productivity of employees but one cannot ignore the fact that it has raised security threats towards sensitive and important organizational data too.

Severity of security threats?

Well, we can say this much, if you have not been paying attention to your organization's IT structure, thinking it is not your core propaganda of running your business then one thing will surely happen. Your organizational structure will come down crashing, and at that time the cost incurred on making amendments will cost you more. The only question is when this will happen.

We have been around long enough to see the shift in the thought process of small and medium sized businesses towards recognizing mobile device management, cloud security and selecting the right mobile device for their business.

Let’s have a look into top IT challenges for SMBs in 2017: 1. Budget

Every small and medium sized business faces the financial hurdle when it comes to getting a secured IT infrastructure on limited resources and budget. Most SMB’s don’t even have an internal IT department for carrying out a sturdy IT strategy.

This can be solved by handing over their IT department to trusted technology partner.  Managed Service Provider (MSP) contracts help SMB’s in managing everything related to the IT infrastructure on a fixed cost, and freeing from burdening yourself with an internal IT staff, increasing the overall profitability. 2. Maintaining The IT Structure

With 2017, SMB’s need to be more focused and competitive with all the technological innovations happening in such a grand pace. Many SMB’s do consider that technology will be a crucial part of their businesses growth but developing and building such an IT infrastructure is not an easy deal.

Managed IT services have been playing a pivotal role in organizations development as they help out businesses in managing their IT department while they can focus peacefully on growing their business. 3. Securing The Mobile Workplace

Mobility has helped IT break free from the fundamentals of a simple connect on-the-go.

Mobility can be of huge disadvantage to your company if it not managed carefully.

All the organizational devices transmit and store sensitive organizational data and failure to have strict security measures will lead to disaster of epic proportions for SMBs.

Mobile device management is beneficial to SMB’s as it helps in protecting confidential data and securing you and your clients at the same time. 4. Managing the Data

This point is mentioned on number four here, but with the rapid digital transformation of businesses it is gradually going up in the priority list of SMB’s.

The industry has seen heavy reliance on data for understanding customer activities business metrics and daily operations and because of such an excessive data growth the need of the hour is having a sound data management system in place.

What does the future look like?

In the following sections, you will see that the emphasis will be given to blending MDM and on-site security and how this move will ensure the security of your organizational data and the device in a flexible and scalable manner. 1. Control over Cloud-based apps and services

This is the biggest challenge that any SMB faces as they struggle to adapt to the huge shift that has brought the demand of mobile devices being used for apps and services that are cloud-based.

The issue faced by small and medium businesses is the management of diverse devices that are present in the market.

The IT infrastructure must protect the data that is present inside the organization’s security system network as well as on the employee's’ device and in the cloud.

Cybersecurity attacks are getting more sophisticated with the passing time and businesses that have traditional on-site security approach are finding it hard to cope with the rising security issues. 2. MDM and its role in managing Mobile devices.

Mobile devices have become a norm in the business activities making it necessary for businesses to skillfully manage mobile applications and devices. Businesses should be as dynamic as their employees who now demand on-the go access to their organizational documents and applications on any device that will help them work as efficiently as they work in the office.

Mobile device management solutions set policies for direct communication with cloud-based applications and on-site applications eliminating the on-site bottleneck.


A cloud-based network is the perfect solution in the current organizational infrastructure as access requests are no more bound to on-site networks.

66% of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) believe that technology is a primary factor that will contribute to achieving their top business objectives. An additional 31% rate technology as a secondary factor. -  CompTIA

As per the report of Techaisle, despite the perceived importance of technology, 41% acknowledge that their level of investment is not where it should be. Below is the top IT priorities and challenges faced by SMB’s that Techaisle has identified.






Budget Constraints



Maintaining Current Infrastructure


Mobility Solutions

Mobility Security / Enabling Mobile Workforce


Security Solutions

Excessive Data Growth



Finding Qualified & Trained People


Managed Services

Implementing / Accelerating Cloud Computing


Internet of Things

Regulatory Compliance


Analytics / Business Intelligence

Supporting Digital Marketing



Data Protection / Recovery / Business Continuity


Converged Infrastructure

Financial Justification for Continued Investment

With the constant development of business and its processes, the market has adapted to the dynamic characteristic of business needs. There are plethora of products and services that are available in the market to aid SMBs in their quest for survival and becoming a winner.

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